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Job Description

Master Craftsman

Reporting Relationship: Reports directly to the Team Leader


Role: Be the Master Craftsman with a depth of knowledge of critical processes to ensure safety and Customer needs are met (quality and timely), in an effective and efficient manner.  Note: Master Craftsmen do not supervise so they do not do performance reviews nor discipline processes.  As with everyone’s job there are two components, maintaining the good things already put in place and making things better


Purpose: To be the experts on their processes, to address challenging products going through their processes and to know, maintain and improve their processes.


Major Duties/ Responsibilities: In support of the role and purpose stated above, the major duties/responsibilities are to maintain the methods that work and improve upon those methods-specific tasks include:

  • Reinforce Safety
  • Make improvements
  • Maintain production capability and capacity
  • Keep people adding value
  • Be an expert on quality, product and process
  • Assist in training the Craftsmen
  • Find the best way of doing things and re-enforce consistently doing it be the best way/ Organize Production so it is easy for the Craftsmen to make enough good part
  • Inspect the product coming off the line to ensure it meets Customer needs
  • Manage the Kanban/ inventory system within your area
  • Notify the Team Leader when product will not provided as planned or other abnormalities occur
  • Respond to the Craftsmen you are working with in a prompt and effective method
  • Recognize and resolve production problems
  • Eliminate waste, especially scrap and overtime
  • Other task/responsibilities as directed by the Team Leader


Personal Accountability: Ensure each day, the following is accomplished:

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Make the best use of time
  • Perform all duties in an independent manner with little supervision
  • Have a “do what needs to be done” attitude, specifically when it come to delighting the Customer and getting the most our of the processes
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with others
  • Report to work on time and be respectful of the fact we need you here
  • Do not be encumbered when at work


Qualifications:  To succeed in this position, key success factors include-

  • Good at working with people
  • Detail oriented, very good at make sure everything is right-including the paper work
  • Able to lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of the products produced preferred
  • Certified capable of Performance level “Training” on the critical processes of-
    • MR21 and conveyors
    • Molder/CNC Saw
    • Molding
    • Rip/ Cut
    • Customs/ Sanding/ Glue Up
    • CNC Router


  • Maintain mastery of the processes on an on-going basis


Benefits: Pay increase of $0.55/ hour when mastery of the first process is completed, plus $0.35 for each additional process mastered after that (So $12.55, $12.90, $13.25, $13.60, $13.95, $14.25)


Job Description Approval:  I have reviewed and understand my Job Description.  I believe it to be accurate and complete; and I can successfully fulfill each duty and task.  I also agree that management retains the right to change this job description at any time.